About Us

About Us

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Pretty Nails Spa has been created thinking specially for you. It provides the opportunity to relax and isolate from the stressing world of today. We are a unique alternative, not only for our modern and innovative concept on our establishment, but also in the products and services we have to offer and the highly qualified personnel that work with us.

We provide services such as:







Hair Removal

Facial Treatments

Corporal Treatments

Come visit us and you will feel from the first instant a whole different experience, where your body and mind will take you to a place full of harmony and serenity, giving your body a physical and mental welfare.

At Pretty Nails Spa, we are also committed to your economic welfare. That’s why we provide services at accessible prices, without losing sight of the quality, efficiency and efficacy of our products and services. Without a doubt, we are an affordable option! Come, and let us treat you like only you deserve…